No water turned on when Auto Fill Jet Knob is activated.  

Related part(s):
Front Mixer (6)– Autofill Power (12) – AF Jet Knob (7) – Solenoid (14)

Reset AF System by removing the AC plug from the wall for 30sec and plug it back.

If not OK, go to step 2

Make sure the front H/C Mixer (6) mark is in the midle and It should be at horizontal position. If OK, Go to step 3

Check AF Power by pressing the Aurora Button on the front panel DCS.

  • If the Tub LED turns on. This indicates Power is OK. Go to Step 4 to check the Jet Swt
  • If the Tub LED does not turn on. Go check the Power Supply (12) green LED & round connector to AutoFill Control Box

Check the function of AF/Jet Swt (7) by removing the Ecojet Wet end and turn and hold the Jet Swt for 5 sec.

  • If Tub LED turns on, this indicates the AF/Jet Swt is good. Go to step 5
  • If Tub LED does not turn on, Check the connection of AF Switch. If AF Switch is loose or stuck --> see video below on how to change out AF Switch

IDENTIFYING THE DEFECTED SOLENOID:  There are 2 Hot and Cold solenoids. Turn Mixer Valve all the way to the left then right to find out which solenoid is defected.  Make sure to replace the correct one.  (See Video Below on how to Replace Solenoid)