Related part(s):
AC connection at AF Box(13) EcoJet Wet End (3) Ecojet Motor (4)

Symptom #1: After Water filled up and stop above the Jet level (3)– If  BOTH Jet and Tub Light are NOT ON. You need to Reset the system by unplug AC power from the wall for 30sec and plug it back. If the problem persists. The AF control Box (9) might have problem. Swap the control box from a good unit.  

Symptom #2: After Water filled up – If only Tub Light turns ON and Jet does not turn On:

  • Check the AC connection at the AF control box (13) 
  • If the AC connection is good and the Jet is still not working. Go to step 3 to check the Ecojet Motor

Check the function of the Ecojet Motor (4) : Remove the Wet-End (3) 1" away from the Motor. Turn and hold the Jet Switch (7) for 5sec. 

If after 5 seconds, the light turns on and you feel the Ecojet Wet-End moving/rumbling;

This indicates that the Ecojet motor is working.

If it does not work, this means that the motor is defective and needs to be replaced.

(See video Link Below to replace EcoJet Motor 3.0 or 3.5)

How To Replace EcoJet Set 3.0 Housing & Motor

How To Replace EcoJet Set 3.5 Housing & Motor

If hold Switch for 5 seconds and motor turns on, open the wet end to check for any damage to impeller. If impeller is cracked or damaged, replace ecojet wetend.